shutterstock_378771547-compressorFrom professional networking sites and job boards to online applicant systems and recruitment software for in-house processing, technology has revolutionized recruitment, profoundly changing how employers and recruiters find potential candidates.

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shutterstock_370534421-compressorWe’ll just come right out and say it: Data (we’ll admit it, with us, it’s always data). With over half of all cell phones in the world expected to be smartphones by next year (and that will be about 2 billion people), that means that –at minimum- every other person that walks through an attraction’s turnstile is a highly-targeted prospect for a return visit or referral for a new guest.

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shutterstock_608496674-compressorIt’s a no-brainer that in today’s hyper-competitive, instantly-digitally-connected world of commerce, companies that invest more time and money into customer satisfaction will reap huge returns as the hopefully happy customers “take to the airwaves” (old terminology) and blog (new terminology) kudos throughout the social universe.

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What’s Hot in Home Improvement

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

shutterstock_160905959-editMillennials (them again!) entering the housing market in increasing numbers are driving these changes, but so are baby boomers wanting to stay in their upgraded homes for as long as possible.

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shutterstock_107710379-editMillennials are changing the sales and marketing of everything, and that will include jewelry. Here are the trends that the Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) say will be showing up at a jewelry store near you.

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shutterstock_251930161-editWhen encountering the old saying, “The cobblers kids run barefoot” (and Googling “cobbler”), we suddenly had an epiphany of what to write about this month.

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shutterstock_464286998We all have our stress points, and no matter how well you handle pressure, every one of us has those moments or days where it seems like it might get the best of us. While there are myriad pop-psych/self-help columns with an equal number of suggestions and tips of how to handle excruciating pressure, is there any one of us who doesn’t wonder if any of this stuff really works? Intrepid and relentless inquisitor Eric Barker decided he would go straight to a source he considered unquestionable: a bomb disposal expert.

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shutterstock_147642644Any grocer who didn’t think the new and growing competition from farmer’s markets and Walmart wasn’t proof enough of a new reality dawning for grocery retailing, the recent bombshell of Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods is the most dramatic sign to date the industry is in a new paradigm.

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shutterstock_556117297-editA family business is one of the oldest forms of capitalism, but that certainly doesn’t make it an easier (see: Jacob, Esau, Genesis 25 and the oldest record of sibling rivalry). It’s particularly fraught for Hawaii, as our first ever survey of family businesses in Hawaii revealed that almost 50% of them report they have conflicts that disrupt the business and 70% do not have a succession plan.

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How banks can make customers happy

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

post3A recent study by Accenture shows that banking customers are slowly becoming a fickle bunch, as their research shows that 58 percent of customers have had more than two financial services providers in the last three years, which is a precursor to switching banks. This is a distinct shift and a warning shot for banks to start investing more in customer retention, or CRM.

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