The results are in. For seven years, research specialists The Temkin Group has been studying the effects of customer experiences to understand how the quality of an experience – both good or bad – affects their behavior. This year, the esteemed research group that specializes in customer experience asked 10,000 U.S. consumers about their recent interactions with more than 300 companies across 20 industries. They then compared results with the similar studies they’ve conducted over the previous seven years.

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It’s no surprise that the history and cultural dynamic of Hawaii (not to mention it simply being an island) makes family businesses very prevalent, with about two-thirds of Hawaii’s business being family owned and operated. However, that history and –ahem- “familiarity” with the structure and operation of family business doesn’t make it any easier, as only about 30 percent of Hawaii’s family business make it to the second generation, and only about 12 percent to the third.

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Fifteen years ago, loyalty cards and point-of-sale data collection schemes were considered to be one of the most innovative, and most effective, tools to help marketers understand their customers, encourage repeat purchases and ensure long-term loyalty.

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It’s becoming an increasingly more common story with online retailers: You spend a ton of dough and/or time developing and designing a beautiful e-commerce site with all your inventory integrated and a nifty showcase feature and schedule. You may have even already spent more time and money on digital marketing and advertising to drive visitors to your website, and you are thrilled when all your effort bears fruit: customers come, select products and place them in their shopping cart.

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Are You on the Right Career Track?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

We’re in the questions business. And we’ve got questions designed to get you any kind of information you can possibly think of –including the questions you need to ask yourself throughout your career (or, careers, as stats now show that American currently change careers up to 15 times in their lifetimes, up from 12 for the rapidly-retiring Boomers). These questions are designed to reveal to yourself whether you are in fact in the right career,

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3 Things That Make Groups Effective

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Untitled-3What makes a team effective? Is it trust? Cooperation? “Chemistry”? If you have no idea, don’t worry. Most people –or groups- don’t either. Which is not good, considering how many teams each of us are part of. Fortunately, we have the scoops on the three main elements that make for great teamwork. And, of course, we got it from research. It’s always research with us.

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Customer Relations Trends for 2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Untitled-3You read a lot about customer relations here. That’s because one of the best uses for research is for a business to find out more about their customers and how they relate to the product and service they provide, and then apply that knowledge to building –and growing- a vibrant and satisfying relationship. In short, successful companies have successful customer relationships. It’s not easy, and here’s what’s trending for that for 2018.

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Untitled-3OK, so you’re a small business owner who’s been burning the late night oil and have developed a killer new product or service. Congratulations! But guess what? There’s still more work to be done before you can take it to market.

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How to Maximize Customer Loyalty

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Untitled-3Loyal customers are gold. Literally. They consistently use or employ your product or service, tell others about it, try new offerings, and best of all, give you a break (or two) if they happen to get a bad experience –which should be rare, right? So, what are the best things you can do to solidify and enhance this relationship? Research can tell you. (Repeat this to yourself frequently, and read on).

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Untitled-3“Work smarter, not harder.” We’ve all heard it before –or read it on some poster next to the one with a cat hanging on a wire. It sounds good, but how do you actually do that? Fortunately, there’s research to show us the way. (As always.)

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